Daze of Wine & Roses

Aug 30 2008

In between the Sat Brisbane show and next one on Wed we had a few days to bang around in the S-Y-D. We popped into two excellent kinda independant radio stations 2Ser and FBi. Leigh’s from 2Ser is here in this indie manwich after we’d each recorded a few song set to broadcast the next night. Twas a pleasure! Note: The attentive eye will notice the pencil above Dave’s ear. That big smile was no coincidence, the cameraman’s holding up his sodoku book. Insatiable!

On an actual music note Dave did an banging version of a Deerhoof song that he refused to pronounce correctly fer me. After that we made our way to the car, but on the long trek I stumped my toe so we had no recourse but to step inside this this horrible place called a “Pub.” Fortunately they said they had just the thing fer a stumped toe and gladly traded $18 fer two pints. Why so affordable?

That night we had a great steak dinner down the hill from where I’m living. Coming home was like climbing Mt Rushmore and my throat was killing me but what a great night with the Nanc-a-nater in tow.

I believe it was the next day that we played FBi & mainly i remember having a tea, wanting to bring it in to the “Control Room Database A” but not being able to. Then as i set my soothing Chamomile down to enter I was asked if I wanted some water. This cruel world confuses me.

Mass Bro-mantic

Aug 25 2008

Calling all Reeboks,

I’ma write a recap of the Bazamente tour: Twas a pleasure, I picked up Capt B on the Fri before the Brisbane show. Cept fer Melbourne all these places were gonna be new to us both so there wuz some ‘citement in the heir~apparent. As we were doing whole shebang on a budget I had some last minute odds’n’sods to tie up so we went round to Kinko’s fer some lama. (you might be ondering’wa, “Why is this idiot writing this recap like this?” but in actual fact I’m doing ya’ll a favor. Yer wanting to know how the tour went and I’m tryin to give the write idea, we spoke alot with abbreviations, almost liminal you could say). Anywho while Kinko’s wuz processin my commilz-nandz me & Baza went round to a pub across the way and chatted. It really set the feel fer the whole 10 days as really, we got things done & chilled. I wuz grateful I’d put the hours into the prep as we really could just enjoy hanging and seeing spots all around A-U-S, one beautiful kuntry tis-a-fe

the Brisbane show was off the biscuit ya’ll. Beautiful room (Troubaduor), excellent folk, & lovely people there. In hindsight I personally couldn’t have asked fer a better show to kick it off, the sound guy Marty wuz awesome and the people were very kind (& patient?) listenin to my set. Someone had passed on advice about openin shows, keep it short and sweet, people ain’t there to see you. I’d like to think i didn’t that to decent extent but sorry if I wore out m’welcome in yer town. It was Dave’s first visit and folks were amped but respectful and patient and I appreciated it. I’m just getting back on the horse after some down time and ya’ll made me feel awful good.

When Dave came on it was a nice feeling in the crowd, folks knew the words, and we’re really soaking in the neu tunes. His voice is one unique instrument that you can tell he’s really honed. I worked the merch desk most nights and time and time again over the shows I found many a kind folk came up and commented how how it resonated. I passed on the love to Capt B that it wuz all so well received. He’s one dude you love to see smile, I smile just thinking bout it.

The way the shows were set up was a Sat in Brisbane and then a few days off til the next on Wed in Sydney. The only thing that came between the whole time we were together was a mistress that fer now, we’ll call “Mrs Sodoku.” Fer instance, say I’m feeling insecure about my waist size the day after playing, I’d ask Dave fer some positive reasssurance about my appearance and all I’d hear wuz “No, not 7, can’t be 3 cuz that’s in the vertical…” and so forth. I’ll include a picture below of said excitement as we waited on a cab.

Brisbane Mistress Sodoku

After a banging leisurely breakfast and some quality caffeine we headed south back to the S-Y-D. Staya tuned!

August Tour w/ DAVID BAZAN

Jul 20 2008