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Austin’s Jefrey Siler has earned praise from the late David Berman of Silver Jews and author Derek Sivers, likening him to “a Texan Lou Reed.” With one foot in the storytelling world and the other in the “artier side of rock” While Siler hails in rural North Carolina, he has hung his hat everywhere from Atlanta to Australia but it was Brooklyn that proved fertile soil for the writing & recording his new album “Jefinitely,” out Feb 20th. Drawing inspiration from 80’s Leonard Cohen and John Prine’s candid, gentle humor, he has had the privilege to tour and share the stage with the likes of Andrew Bird, Jens Lekman, and David Bazan. “Jefinitely,” produced & mixed by Yuuki Matthews, renowned for his work with The Shins and Sufjan Stevens, features an array of guest appearances and backed by friends who moonlight as band members of Devendra Banhart, Andrew Bird, and Cass McCombs. It’s a collection of songs that delves candidly into personal and emotional challenges, from therapy to the loss of his mother, all delivered through the lens of his obtuse southern sense of humor. Siler’s lyrics bridge intellect and heart, striking a chord with discerning listeners, balancing the weird with the sincere.

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Yellow Means Infection was one of the best cd’s I heard this year. I wanted to let you know”

David Berman (of Purple Mountains/Silver Jews)

“Music as vast and lovely as a mountain vista with melodies sweet enough to inspire swooning. Affecting and melodic, these songs hit their mark without smacking the listener over the head with a thesaurus”

Shane Harrison, Atlanta Journal Constitution

“Deeply literate…obtuse lyrics, laden with imagery and transcendent melodies that keep us coming back for extra helpings”

Rich Kane, LA Weekly

“Americana, heartland, south, manly baritone, like back in the day when instruments were real. The word natural comes to mind: he sings in a natural voice, with natural production. Lou Reed from Texas.”

Derek Sivers, CD Baby Founder

“Hugely dynamic” 

Flagpole Magazine, Athens GA

“In tune with folk singers of generations past” / “Far reaching stories that are realistic, thought-provoking and imaginative” 

Jeremy Buckley, Daily Nebraskan

“The spare expanse of lyrics casting duel images show off a songwriters mind in simpatico with his surroundings letting songs bloom with resonance”

Kathleen Wilson, The Stranger (Seattle)

“With a sense of humor Siler knows how to craft a strong lyric that evokes imagery that’s hard to shake” / “It’s Siler’s turn of phrase that makes these melodic pieces hard to ignore”

Chris Havercroft, Xpress Mag (Australia)

“Siler’s lyrics lend the record a personal, almost regional element that embodies the spirit of traditional country and folk” 

Kimberly Mock, Athens Banner Herald