FREE Show! Excelsior Hotel, Glebe // Saturday April 24th

Apr 08 2010

Thee Excelsior Hotel, Glebe //  Sat April 24th FREE!

Meet My Future Publicist…

Feb 20 2010


this kid can da-scriz-ibe a bike…

When I go out I wanna be entertained, not exposed to kids juxtaposing their thesaurus in a stripped shirt. If I knew this guy I’d give him a tambourine and say “Let’s GET ON STAGES and LAUGH LOTS.” Thank goodness fer Mastodon bringing a show to town.


new rekkid coming soon-

THIS SUNDAY JAN 31st!!! 8pm 1 Mitchell St, Marrickville

Jan 29 2010

I know, I know, it’s been ages. I’ve been a Fitness First writing poems so I couldn’t get around to doing no shows. But all thatz IN THE PAST!!

This should be fun, I just read my Mom’s blog and she’s amped about the show. My Nan is even doing stretches so she can start the circle pit.

THIS SUNDAY JAN 31st!!! 7:30pm
1 Mitchell St, Marrickville

$8 Entry with First Glass of Wine FREE!!

Bring a Friend

Bring a Smile

That Stuff Never

Goes Outta Style