Tonight with Frank Fairfield!

Dec 14 2011

Come check this man out, he is no joke!

Think I’m doin’ m’thang round 8:30

See ya in the prequel!


At Home With Jefrey!

Aug 04 2011

Sufficiently Bohemien!

Jul 06 2011


sUFFiciEnTLy bOHEmiAn!

In completely unrelated news, I been putting the word out ’bout my new Trance-4-On-The-Floor-Funk band called “Sufficiently Bohemian.” I’ve charted our future rise to fame, noted below in what we’ll call Ultimate Power Point:

* Due to fad dieting and inner-band turmoil I will have chosen to disband “Fluffy Puppy,” who many critics would have no doubt called “our generations answer to an insightful C+C Music Factory”
* Out of it’s ashes I will launch the group “Sufficiently Bohemian” and carry with me all of the momentum (and condecending adulation) I accrued with “Fluff Pup.”
* My partner in “Suff’Bo” will be Darren D, a bandana-clad bad-boy whose never-say-die attitude will equal my no-nonsense dance moves
* Our first hit “My Office Is A Dance Floor (There Are Many Secretaries)” will first explode in Sweden, then spread to other 3rd world countries
* The public will crave more of the like but our talent will make us restless genre-wise
* We will follow our muse into the “too PC for D.C.” Go-Go movement with our song “Bohemian Booty,” further cementing our place in R&B history
* Dazza D (as he’ll be affectionately known to fans) will become Suff’Bo’s poster boy, posing in photo’s with seemingly dangerous lionesses.
* On each album cover, I will exclusively wear winter jackets, which after we break-up, I’ll explain was symbolic of living in his shadow
* We break up
* Dazza D releases the hugely successful “HoBoMo” fragrance, successfully reaching his target market- Beauty Pageant Children
* Mending fences, we reform to record for the  benefit album “Survivors of Children Beauty Pageants,” which will consist entirely of Queen covers
* Our contribution, “Sufficiently Bohemian Rhapsody,” will in hindsight, seem ill-advised
* We will publicly blame our manager, whom we’ll call “Julie,” herself a retired child beauty contestant
* Fortunately the B-52’s, also finding themselves in a kitchy slump, will take us under their demographic wing where we will unite, playing out our days for insatiable fans of Burn Notice and being paid in non-alcoholic margharita’s.

If this kinda obtuse humor stuff appeals to you, I think my record might be up yer alley.*
But then, if you have an alley, go play stick ball in it and get off the computer! #
See ya at the shows ya’ll!

* You also might need mild therapy
# Twitter, however, is acceptable