THIS SUNDAY JAN 31st!!! 8pm 1 Mitchell St, Marrickville

Jan 29 2010

I know, I know, it’s been ages. I’ve been a Fitness First writing poems so I couldn’t get around to doing no shows. But all thatz IN THE PAST!!

This should be fun, I just read my Mom’s blog and she’s amped about the show. My Nan is even doing stretches so she can start the circle pit.

THIS SUNDAY JAN 31st!!! 7:30pm
1 Mitchell St, Marrickville

$8 Entry with First Glass of Wine FREE!!

Bring a Friend

Bring a Smile

That Stuff Never

Goes Outta Style

Back In the Saddle…

Apr 11 2009

the Creative Loafing (and Mr Rad Chadford) were kind enough to ask me to fill out this questionaire. At first I was dubious, then I got curious, but it ended up not-so-serious. Enjoy here!

Also much thanks to Pat & the EARL, Maria Taylor and Whispertown 2000. I personal highlight was the charming Mrs Taylor saying “I really enjoyed yer set Jeremiah!” I kid!

Keep checking in a bit more frequently and I will too, I’ve gotten the base tracks fer what will be my first solo album that should be due in late 09. See you in the prequel!

Fiction Can Be Fun

Apr 01 2009

It’s true, playing shows is alotta fun, exspexially at my level, you don’t have to worry about traffic or parking going to or arriving at yer own show. Occassionally fun things happen like yer giving an extra drink ticket that you can give to yer mom to ease her shakes, but by and large,  the fun lies in lifting heavy equipment, yer spouse doesn’t know you’ve purchased, up and down winding staircases all fer $30. But things are going our way, next WED we’re breaking big and going stripped down, my and Capt Kray on the thud staff. It will be like old times, I’ll tell him we only have 1 spot on the guestlist (my girl), the club shortchanged us on drink tickets, and Dear Pat at the Earl could only pay us in curly fries.

Lack of humor aside, we’ll be playing mostly all new songs from a forthcoming record we’re polishing up now, tentatively titled Snacking Between Meals-On-Wheels.

See you outside during our set!



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