At Home With Jefrey!

Aug 04 2011

Sufficiently Bohemien!

Jul 06 2011


sUFFiciEnTLy bOHEmiAn!

In completely unrelated news, I been putting the word out ’bout my new Trance-4-On-The-Floor-Funk band called “Sufficiently Bohemian.” I’ve charted our future rise to fame, noted below in what we’ll call Ultimate Power Point:

* Due to fad dieting and inner-band turmoil I will have chosen to disband “Fluffy Puppy,” who many critics would have no doubt called “our generations answer to an insightful C+C Music Factory”
* Out of it’s ashes I will launch the group “Sufficiently Bohemian” and carry with me all of the momentum (and condecending adulation) I accrued with “Fluff Pup.”
* My partner in “Suff’Bo” will be Darren D, a bandana-clad bad-boy whose never-say-die attitude will equal my no-nonsense dance moves
* Our first hit “My Office Is A Dance Floor (There Are Many Secretaries)” will first explode in Sweden, then spread to other 3rd world countries
* The public will crave more of the like but our talent will make us restless genre-wise
* We will follow our muse into the “too PC for D.C.” Go-Go movement with our song “Bohemian Booty,” further cementing our place in R&B history
* Dazza D (as he’ll be affectionately known to fans) will become Suff’Bo’s poster boy, posing in photo’s with seemingly dangerous lionesses.
* On each album cover, I will exclusively wear winter jackets, which after we break-up, I’ll explain was symbolic of living in his shadow
* We break up
* Dazza D releases the hugely successful “HoBoMo” fragrance, successfully reaching his target market- Beauty Pageant Children
* Mending fences, we reform to record for the  benefit album “Survivors of Children Beauty Pageants,” which will consist entirely of Queen covers
* Our contribution, “Sufficiently Bohemian Rhapsody,” will in hindsight, seem ill-advised
* We will publicly blame our manager, whom we’ll call “Julie,” herself a retired child beauty contestant
* Fortunately the B-52’s, also finding themselves in a kitchy slump, will take us under their demographic wing where we will unite, playing out our days for insatiable fans of Burn Notice and being paid in non-alcoholic margharita’s.

If this kinda obtuse humor stuff appeals to you, I think my record might be up yer alley.*
But then, if you have an alley, go play stick ball in it and get off the computer! #
See ya at the shows ya’ll!

* You also might need mild therapy
# Twitter, however, is acceptable

Announcing July/August Tour!

Jul 06 2011


After 59 sleepless nights of our 2 month Rockethub campaign we reached our goal! I really can’t express how indebted I feel to each and everyone of you who took the time to watch the videos, follow the progress and even pitch in a nickel or two. Every little bit warmed my heart, thanks so much ya’ll. Now it’s been a minute since we all sat around the proverbial campfire and caught up so there’s plenty to chitter chat about but I’ll keep it brief. First up, WE JUST GOT THE ALBUMS BACK! They look great and sound crisp. Are you tired of putting on the same ol’ record while you do the dishes? I whole heartedly believe Yellow Means Infection! is the perfect compliment to soap and suds. The style, as you know, is called “Art*A*Billy!” The recipe? Heart, humor, and humility. Wanna have a taste/listen or even buy a slice? The albums now available to stream and buy both digitally and physically. Just click the logo link that suits below

To top it all, in just a few weeks we’re going on OUR RECORD RELEASE TOUR! Can ya make it partner?


WED July 27th @ Lizotte’s – LOT 3 Avoca Dr Kincumber (02) 4368 2017 8pm
THURS July 28th @ The Vanguard 42 King Street Newtown (02) 9550 3666 8pm
FRI July 29th Melbourne @ Long Play (Nth Fitzroy) 318 St Georges Rd Fitzroy 9pm
SAT July 30th Melbourne @ Union Hotel 109 Union St, Brunswick 9pmAUGUST
THURS Aug 11th Brisbane @ Cartel 2 Caxton Street, Brisbane (07) 3511 6868
FRI Aug 12th Gold Coast @ The Loft 54A Thomas Drive Chevron Island, Gold Coast
SAT Aug 13th Byron Bay @ Byron Bay Brewery/Buddha Bar 1 Skinners Shoot Road 6pm

I’ve got some tricks up my short sleeves and already have my outfits fer each show picked out, some of which involve pleated corduroy shorts. You’ve been warned. Also I’m over the moon to have the magnificent Jaded Ladies singing their cynically sweet doo-wop harmonies and trust me, that alone is worth a wander down. Most shows are pretty early and cheap as crisps.