Watch the new Clemente video right here now!

Mar 17 2008

We are very pleased to announce THE NEW VIDEO (!!) for the first single ‘Ambulance Drivers on Holiday Nights.’

Shot on a coupla cold Sydney, Australian mornings, the song tells the tale of a driver who takes shifts avoiding family life. Please take the time to rate either the video or the scarf wrapped around the Captains three chins.

Watch the video here.



Welcome to the new website

Mar 14 2008

The new site’s just up so give us some time and we’ll flesh out some more content fer you and the fam. The Captain’s working on a few projects, the foremost of which is a book entitled Left of Center: Insights on Songwriting which involves discussions with writers a bit removed from the mainstream. Already he’s sat down with Steve Malkmus, Neko Case, Robyn Hitchcock and Mike Watt among others. Stay tuned fer updates.

Also in the on deck circle is a collage project that’s been developing in the last coupla months. It’s a busy time organizing everything with the album and all, hang tight and we’ll have some of the work up to check out.

Thanks fer checking in…