Nod to Steve…

Apr 09 2008

I know many of you like to run and jump. I also like to play. But when I’m tuckered out from the playful avante garde scene that I command, when I plumb tired of growing my eyebrows out & when I’ve had enough of Soul Asylum’s unique brand of math rock, I tend to read. It began with a small free publication called “Parade” that came in the Charlotte Observer, the paper we got delivered to my now broken family’s home, on weekend. It’s cover story wuz on the great Steve Martin. Having enjoyed his comic timing from the age of 4 (3 some sources say) I was excited. Hence, I licked my pointy finger and dug into this opportunity to perhaps understand a bit more about the man behind the humor. I’ve always been fascinated with myself, and the fact that myself has been fascinated with people who’ve been fascinated themselves. I guess is comes from growing up on Fascination St. That being said I regularly check in on ol’

Now that I have this fancy site thanks to the good folks and friends at Fade, I want to share, not my breakfast, but my thoughts.

I always dreamed of being involved in cartoons. So when these two loves collided in video form of Mr Martin interviewing the great New Yorker Cartoonist Roz Chast I immediately thought, “Man I love my waist size lately!”, and then “Yes, this will be my first post.”

So please enjoy and thank you fer yer visit

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New Clemente album in stores now

Mar 26 2008

Our second long player ‘…Whilst Honey Hums’ released via Moodswing Records in stores across America now. Recorded again with the lovely Andy Baker (Crooked Fingers, Macha, Drive-By Truckers) in Athens, GA, it features 10 shabby slabs of doll house bummer rock. Hit up the good folks at Moodswing and/or Stickfigure Distribution and they’ll have it delivered to yer door.


For you Australians, stay tuned for a local release very very soon!

Watch the new Clemente video right here now!

Mar 17 2008

We are very pleased to announce THE NEW VIDEO (!!) for the first single ‘Ambulance Drivers on Holiday Nights.’

Shot on a coupla cold Sydney, Australian mornings, the song tells the tale of a driver who takes shifts avoiding family life. Please take the time to rate either the video or the scarf wrapped around the Captains three chins.

Watch the video here.