Jefrey Siler had finished his album; complete in every way.

As with all things there was a ritual to mark this milestone. With a glass of red wine in hand he and his Mrs listened to the finished works from beginning to end. “It’s good,” Nancy said. “Is that all?” he said, “good?” This was not the response he hoped for. Jefrey stood and paced the living room; he pushed for more- more detail, more information. Nancy looked at him from her curled up position on the lounge, and chose her words carefully, “It’s not you,” She said.

“What do you mean? It is me, that’s me singing, I wrote it,” Jefrey said.

“Yeah, well, it’s not the you I know. It’s kinda depressing,” She said.

Jefrey was both frustrated and disappointed by his wife’s response, an entirely too honest appraisal of his work. He had already played it to a couple of trusted fellow musicians. The reactions while varied, was not too different from his wife’s initial response of “Good”.

“I’m dark. I’m depressed!” Jefrey said, with his hands on his hips, hoping to replay her the ‘best bits’ so that maybe this time it would be ‘great’ instead of the very plain ‘good’.

“Nope, I don’t think that’s it,” Nancy said, and the subject was closed.

The next night Jefrey and Nancy had a dinner party with friends. Jefrey was his usual self again having temporarily forgotten the conversation from the night before, in which his wife seemed none too impressed with his 3-year project. He refilled his friend’s wine glasses one by one, sat back and relaxed, enjoying the mental distance from this unloved musical child of his. After the food and wine had mellowed his mood, Jefrey had those around the table laughing and gasping for breath. Nancy smiled and leaned over to whisper into Jefrey’s ear, “this is you, you’re funny, you’re entertaining.”

Jefrey then realised that while he had taken himself on tour, taken himself to dinner, he had also taken himself too seriously. Music was supposed to be entertaining, not a teen angst diary. He was now free to no longer impress with a thesaurus, feign a dark cloud or a Charles Dickens childhood. Was it really that simple? Just be yourself, tap your ruby slippers together and go home Dorothy? The problem was, the budget was spent and he had this really pretentious album that he had written in Paris, the birthplace of artistic snobbery. Perhaps if he wrote an album in Mudgee results would differ.

Fast-forward 12 months, 390 cups of coffee, 52 bottles of sparkling wine and 30 music related fights with his spouse later- He not only had a new album but a new sound he called “Art*A*Billy!” With a little help from his friends he raised $3000 through Rocket-Hub, tantalising the public with his videos to ‘encourage’ donations. The finished result you now hold in your hand.

Yellow Means Infection! is the debut album by North Carolina-born singer/songwriter Jefrey Siler, showcasing his unique approach to traditional storytelling as told through his obtuse (and occasionally, touching) southern sense of humour in a style he describes as “Art*A*Billy!