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Jul 16 2010

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Jun 05 2010

If you haven’t read this I beg you to. I got the audiobook of him reading it.

I was working on roof’s at the time and musta listened to the whole thing 5 times. Not many I can think of come close to inspiring me more than him. It just rings so true to me that I feel like he’s a creative kindred spirit, obviously aware I’m nowhere near his league. But I love his appetite fer creativity. His appetite to understand people. His appetite to communicate to his ideas to them in their language in his own way.

That’s what Vic Chesnutt did. Boy what a loss. I got to sit with Vic one afternoon on his porch and talk about Songwriting. Chatted fer three hours. I’ll never forget it. I treasure that memory, sipping sweet tea, him patiently and humorously answering my big page, front and back, of handwritten questions.

It’s great wake up with idea’s, almost nothing better. Maybe it’s to the credit of the time you put into understanding/appreciating others creative plight. Maybe it’s that new idea’s are the payment fer  creative productivity, but boy that must sound corny. Sadly recording studios, rehearsal spaces, oversaeas flights, rent, gas stations and pressing plants don’t accept idea’s as currency.

if you get a second listen to this record, not sure if I’ve listened to anything more this past year

FREE Show! Excelsior Hotel, Glebe // Saturday April 24th

Apr 08 2010

Thee Excelsior Hotel, Glebe //  Sat April 24th FREE!