This Is Disgusting

Dec 15 2010

I’m quite a dull knife when it comes to playing myself, I’m working on it with some help from my friend Sean, but when you see someone like Simon, who’s so good at writing like this, it’s just jaw dropping. Every chord seems to just make “sense,” each passing chord is this effortless transition. There’s another tune on from this show called “American Tune,” a favorite of mine, that I’ve watched over and over. Somehow I’d missed this one but couldn’t believe how smooth and collected a player he is.


Nov 05 2010

Quiet Please

Nov 01 2010

Hey Ya’ll,

Tim and I are gonna be playing a low-key one this weekend at the intimate LOW 302 in Surry Hills. Tim’ll be tickling the ivory’s and I’ll be storytelling, fingerpicking and and sipping something aged. I have eaten dessert all week so I can fit into these new highwaters I just bought, should be fun son-

LOW 302

302 Crown Street

Darlinghurst NSW 2010 –

(02) 9368 154